Research strongly suggests that dragon boating specifically helps with improving wellness and post-treatment quality of life. Breast cancer dragon boating is an international movement inspired by the research of Canadian sports medicine specialist Don McKenzie. There are now more than 140 breast cancer survivor dragon boat teams paddling all over the world.

Breast cancer surgery often includes removal of cancerous lymph nodes under the arm, which normally drain the lymphatic system. This can lead to the build up of fluids in the tissues of the arms, which in turn, leads to uncomfortable swelling and possibly tissue infection. Dragon boat paddling includes upper body exercise, which has been shown to reduce or limit lymphedema in the arm, which may arise from breast cancer surgery.

Our team aims to bring awareness of the benefits of this through our team and regular events, especially during, but not limited to, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Additionally- we led our support to the awareness of other women’s health issues and cancers such as menopause and cervical cancer.

Knowledge is our power and we want as many people as possible to know of the support and benefits our sport can bring and provide a fun and safe place to establish friendships, maintain wellness and give back to the community.